booking shows has never been this easy!

Entusic allows fans to book artist directly, which allows artists to unlock demand everywhere and play more shows.

How it Works

fans request an artist

Fans request an artist to play in their city.  We'll confirm 's the artist and creates a campaign page. 

spread the word

Fans join the campaign by committing to buy a ticket, then get their friends and fellow fans to do the same

book the show

Once the attendance goal is reached, the venue is selected, the show is booked, and tickets are issued! Turn up! (responsibly) 


Why artists use Entusic

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Harness the power of existing fan base to book more shows

Unlock new opportunities to play in more places

Manage your entire booking process from one place

Earn more income by booking more shows


Manage your availability for live performances 

Analytics and management tools

Secure online and mobile payment processing 

Access from every device


Artist SignUp

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